Level 3 Firearms and Self Defense Course (10-Hr In-Person)

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Process for Obtaining a Level 3 Security License

The Level 3 training is split into two separate sections. Online and In-Person and must be completed IN THAT ORDER

  1. Complete the Online Level 3 Course (Click Here) Go Strapped Level 3 course INCLUDES the Level 2 Certification.
  2. Register and complete THIS required Level 3 10 Hour In-Person Firearms and Self Defense Course below.
  3. Complete the MMPI Psychological Assessment and receive the PSP-13. We can do the MMPI for you completely online. Select MMPI from the dropdown below.
  4. Register and complete your Level 3 application through the Texas Online Private Security website
  5. Submit all documentation required via the TOPS portal

DPS requires all applications and documentation be submitted within 90 days of taking your training.

The handgun proficiency and self-defense course must include at least 10 hours of in-person instruction with an on-site instructor approved by the department on:

  1. The laws that relate to weapons and to the use of deadly force;
  2. Handgun use, proficiency, and safety
  3. Non-violent dispute resolution
  4. Proper storage practices for handguns
  5. Self-defense tactics
  6. A physical demonstration of handgun proficiency

This course is the required in-person portion of the Online Level 3 Course. If you are RENEWING your Level 3 License, The Department of Public Safety requires that you also complete 6 hours of continuing education for renewal PRIOR to this Firearms Course. If you have not completed the required Classroom Training for Level 3 Guards (renewal), go to the following link to complete the course and required exam PRIOR to qualifying: Level 3 Online Renewal Certification Course

Range fees are NOT included in the fees above (usually $10-20, depending on the range).

Each Student will need the following items to complete the live fire portion of training:  

  • Printed copy of your PSB-30/31 Class Completion Certificate (additional $25 fee if we must do it via email after the range session).
  • Footwear that covers the entire foot (mandatory)
  • A shirt with a conservative neckline (suggested, to protect against hot brass)
  • Handgun: Minimum caliber for Level 3 Security Qualification is 9mm.
    • Handguns should be in clean and safe working order
    • Firearms must be transported in a case, holster, or bag when entering/leaving the range
    • At least TWO empty magazines required for semi-autos
    • Ammunition: Minimum 50 rounds of brass-cased, factory ammo. No reloads.

Eye protection, hearing protection, and targets will be provided. Feel free to bring your own eye and hearing protection.

  1. WE DO NOT ALLOW REFUNDS OR RESCHEDULES. Much like a concert ticket, advance payment is required for all training and your payment reserves your spot on the date and time that you selected.
  2. It is the student’s responsibility to read and understand the State’s eligibility requirements prior to enrolling in training. Go Heeled makes no guarantee of eligibility or license issuance.
  3. License To Carry and Level 3 Security classes are NOT a Learn To Shoot Class. The State requires that all participants know how to safely operate a handgun prior to attending this class. We will be happy to help you with a Basic Handgun Class.
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