Melissa B. – Houston, TX

“I took the CHL training course through Go Heeled in the fall of 2012.  I highly recommend Mr. Townsend!  I walked into class a nervous wreck… I was scared to even touch guns and very anxious about knowing what was and was not legal in carrying concealed.  I left this course confident in the knowledge of the laws & also much more comfortable with shooting after we went to the range to qualify!  I now am not afraid to go for a walk alone!!!  Thank you Go Heeled!!!”


Tara W. – League City, TX

“I stumbled upon Go Heeled Firearms Training while searching for a CHL class online. Rod was very professional and gave me all the info I needed to set up a private class in my home.  I was nervous about shooting, but when we all got together as a class; Rod helped everyone to feel comfortable & confident.  We all learned a lot, Rod was very knowledgeable and kept our attention throughout the class.  We had a lot of laughs, it was really an enjoyable day for everyone!  I would absolutely recommend Go Heeled to anyone looking for firearms training.”


Mark V. – San Antonio, TX

“As a Marine combat vet, 1st Marine Division Rifle-Pistol Team member, USPSA competitor, lifelong hunter and firearms owner, and CHL holder in multiple states since 1987, I am not a novice.  I took the Go Heeled renewal course on a friend’s recommendation and found that Rod Townsend is experienced, knowledgeable about firearms, and a highly competent instructor with excellent people skills.  Rod has a calm easy-going personality that puts people at ease and he doesn’t embarrass nervous students.  Whether you are going for your first CHL or renewing an old one, you are unlikely to find a better instructor than Rod Townsend.”


Matt B. – Houston, TX

“I arranged a class with Go Heeled in the fall of 2012.  I was a little nervous about using someone I knew nothing about and didn’t know any personal references.  When the day of the class arrived, I went to the class to meet the instructor.  Rod was very personable and put me at ease right off, which wasn’t easy since my wife would be a student in the class.  Rod proved to be very knowledgeable and patient with the class. He took his time teaching the laws, adding humor to alleviate the boredom.  He also spent extra time with a few of the students at the range to ensure they were comfortable with the shooting portion of the class.  I would recommend Go Heeled for anyone who is considering getting their CHL.  I will be using him again soon for my renewal.”


Carl C. – Austin, TX

“Thanks for the enjoyable class, you kept it very interesting and knowledgeable.  Thank you for arranging the class with my coworkers at our location.  You made what could have seemed like two days into one enjoyable day.  I would certainly recommend you to anyone who is wanting to get their CHL.”


Margaret M. – Missouri City, TX

“I wanted to let you know how much Joey & I enjoyed the class.  I want to thank you so much for your patience with both of us, but especially with him.  We both had started the process to take the course back in 2007, and then his accident.  He gave up ever being able to take the course.  When he spoke to you on the phone, he came home and told me he really wanted to try.  He really didn’t think he could pass, but you gave him what he needed to hear to give it a try.
I decided to go to give him support, never thinking I would pass the shooting part.  LOL
Needless to say, we are both feeling pretty good tonight!”


Sharon G. – Alvin, TX

” I was dreading this class being too long and boring….boy was I wrong. It was so interesting and well paced every minute. Thanks Rodney, you made this experience a real pleasure.”


Greg Y. – Corpus Christi, TX

“Class act, level headed, quality instruction, with a common sense approach. Look no further for your CHL needs than Rod with Go Heeled.  He drove all the way to Freer, TX to give me and my friends a class.  Definitely above and beyond.”


Laurie C. – Houston, TX

“Thanks so much for all your hard work with such a crazy CHL group.  You did a fantastic job of presenting and explaining all the laws, safety requirements, and inside info.  It must have been so difficult with a teenager, experienced guys, and us newbies in the same class.  We were so impressed by your skill at addressing each of us at our own level.  We all especially enjoyed shooting at the range — I can’t believe we females shot so well!!!  It was the first time at a range for my daughter and me and we were absolutely thrilled by the experience.”


Jeremiah C. – Austin, TX

“Rodney has the unique gift of being able to take a dry subject (CHL) and making it interesting and entertaining. Highly professional and personable, I’d recommend Go Heeled to anyone in the east or central Texas areas. “


Alan D. – Sugarland, TX

“I enjoyed everything about your class on Saturday.  Your presentation made it very interesting, informative and well organized.  Also enjoyed the open questions and feedback you had (and humor included) with all the students.  It was never boring instead it was fun.  You are an extremely good instructor/teacher.  I would strongly recommend your class.  Thank you.”


Chrystal S. – Alvin, TX

“Rod is a great instructor. The class has a lot of information and he makes it fun. His patience is amazing and gives special attention to those who may not have as much experience as others. He doesn’t force feed laws and information but instead explains the concepts behind the laws. Very organized and laid out very well. It’s your one stop shop to getting your CHL.”


Paul R. – Houston, TX

“I took the course about six months ago… Rod was a true professional, extremely knowledgeable, and well versed in Texas CHL laws. Willing to work with your schedule. If you’re looking for a top notch instructor, call Rod.”


Kyle S. – Alvin, TX

“I had the pleasure of taking the class with Rod in the lead. What a professional.  The man really knows his stuff, including all current local, state, and federal laws that directly or indirectly affects all aspects of the CHL world.  His no B.S. approach lets you leave the class with a different, more clear view of the community around you and how to live in it.  I highly recommend GoHeeled to any and all who are interested in obtaining thier CHL, or even just to learn the laws that apply to gunowners in Texas.”


Janie L. – Alvin, TX

“Rodney is a very good instructor and taught the class in a way that showed confidence of his knowledge of the current concealed handgun laws. He took the time to not only answer questions but encouraged them. I felt very relaxed during the class and at the gun range. I would recommend his class to anyone interested in getting their concealed handgun license.”


Trish J. – Alvin, TX

“Great class for all levels of experience.  Very informative and definitely well worth it.”


Matthew P. – College Station, TX

“Rod taught a great class.  It was informative about the current laws in place and about where to get the most up to date information concerning concealed carry.  He did the whole class to include range time in a single day, and provided the tools to finish the packet as quickly as possible.  Thanks Rod!!!


Amanda L. – Alvin, TX

“Rod, I wanted to say thank you for a fun and informative class.  I was a bit nervous since I did not have a lot of experience with a firearm.  You made it easy to understand the classroom portion and comfortable for those who did not have a lot of firearm experience at the range.  I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.”


Katherine J. – College Station, TX

“Thanks Rodney for a very informative and enjoyable session.  I was a bit nervous since I have never handled a gun and you put me at ease with the whole process.  And it was great to complete the whole course in one day so thanks for making the trip up here.  I had already recommended this class to my neighbors and I am now suggesting they book you for their instructor.”


Warren S. – Alvin, TX

“AWESOME CLASS….Very informative.  I would recommend everyone to take this class.  Its your right to defend your family and yourself against those who will try to take it away from you.  Semper Fi.”