How much does it cost to get a License To Carry (LTC) (formerly Concealed Handgun License – CHL)? 

There are three fees associated with getting a Texas License To Carry (LTC).

  • CHL Class Fee
  • State License Application Fee
  • Electronic Fingerprinting Fee

Go Heeled LTC classes are $85 pre-enrolled or $95 at the door.  Military, Veterans, 1st Responders, School Teachers, NRA Members, and those over age 60 will receive a $10 discount.  Range fee, target, forms, and safety equipment are provided (there are no hidden fees).

For most folks, the State License Fee is $40 for a four year license.  Several discounts are available (examples below):

    • Honorably discharged military veterans and peace officers pay $25
    • Current military or those discharged in the last 12 months are FREE.

A full list of fees and discounts are available on the TxDPS Website.

IdentoGO currently charges $9.95 for electronic fingerprints.

How long does it take to get the License To Carry (LTC)?

It can take up to sixty days to receive your license, after submitting your application paperwork.

What are the eligibility requirements to get a License To Carry (LTC)?

Please review the eligibility requirements. You may contact the TxDPS directly at (512) 424-7293 or email them.

Do I need to apply for the license before I take the class? 

You can apply for your license before, during, or after class (up to one year after).  The application process will be discussed during class.  If you apply prior to class, we will gladly review your application package before you mail it.

What do I need to bring to class?

  • Your Texas Driver’s License or other government issued photo ID.
  • Appropriate clothing for the range (footwear that covers the entire foot, shirts with a conservative neckline, a cap and/or jacket are optional)
  • An unloaded handgun transported in a case or bag (Revolver or Semi-Auto: No minimum caliber)
  • It no longer matters what type of handgun is used to qualify.  You will be licensed to carry both semi-auto and revolver.
  • No optical enhancers or lasers will be allowed
  • Ammunition: Minimum 50 rounds for testing – No reloads (additional may be required for re-test)
    • Brass case ammo might be required on some ranges
    • No ammunition will be allowed in the classroom.
    • Pistol rental is available for $25 (ammo included)
    • At least one empty magazine required for semi-autos

Do I have to own a handgun to take the class? 

No.  Rental pistols are available for $25 (ammo included).  Classmates may also share their pistols with other classmates (50 rounds of ammunition will be required for each person).

Do I have to know how to shoot a handgun before taking the LTC class? 

The Texas LTC class is not a beginner class.  If you are a little “rusty” or have never shot a pistol before, we recommend that you attend one of our “Learn to Shoot” classes or schedule a one-on-one private lesson with us.  We will briefly cover basic pistol operation and handgun use in class, so quick learners might not have a problem on the range.

What happens if I fail any portion of the training?

Simply put, you will not.  Each student will have three opportunities to pass both the written test and the shooting proficiency.  You will receive as much personal attention as necessary to pass (same day, if time allows).

Where are your classes located?

We conduct training all over the state of Texas, with regularly scheduled public classes in the Houston, Austin, and San Antonio areas.  Our class schedule can be found here.  We also teach private classes statewide.

How do I host a private class?

Private classes are very easy to arrange and are much more relaxed and enjoyable than similar classes in a public setting.  Contact us if you are interested in hosting a private class at your home, work, church, club, etc.

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions.  We would be happy to answer them.