Texas Level 3 Armed Security Range Qualification

Texas Level 3 Armed Security Guard range qualifications in the San Antonio and Houston areas are scheduled by appointment. Please read the details below and email us to set up your range session.

Prior to your range qualification, you must complete a Level 3 Certification Course and bring your certificate of completion with you to the range.

Students must be proficient with the firearm(s) they will be qualifying with (Instructors can not assist). If the student needs an introductory course, please email us and we will be happy to get you set up.

Level 3 Security Qualification

The range fee is not included in the listed fees above (usually $10-15, depending on the range). Shotgun qualifications must be done at the same time as the pistol qualification.

 Each Student will need the following items in order to complete the live fire portion of training: 

  • Footwear that covers the entire foot
  • A shirt with a conservative neckline (to protect against hot brass)
  • Handgun: 9mm minimum for Level 3 Pistol Qualification.
    • Handguns should be in clean and safe working order
    • At least TWO empty magazines required for semi-autos
  • Ammunition: Minimum 50 rounds of brass-cased, factory ammo. No reloads or steel / aluminum case.
  • Printed copy of your Level 3 Course Completion Certificate (PSB-30)

Safety glasses, hearing protection, and targets will be provided for free.

Rental firearms are available… ammo is included.

Subject to Terms and Conditions.

Combo Offer… Save $50

For those interested in obtaining a Texas License To Carry, take our Online LTC Class and we will conduct your LTC range qualification at the same time as your Level 3 qual, at no additional cost. (Reg. $50 fee)

If you have not yet completed your Private Security Guard Training, we highly endorse Go Strapped and the Texas Security Academy’s Online Training.

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