Texas Law Shield Legal Defense Program

Texas Law Shield is a firearms legal defense program developed by Walker, Rice & Wisdom, P.C., Attorneys at Law.

They are a Texas based law firm that’s developed a nationwide program for all lawful gun owners.  As soon as you pay the monthly or annual retainer, you become a client.

If you are ever forced to defend yourself or your property, Texas Law Shield will defend your freedom for no additional attorney fees.  They will represent you from the moment you call the special attorney-answered 24/7 hotline.  They will defend you through the police investigation, the grand jury proceeding, and through trial (both criminal, civil and all appeals), for no additional fee.

The monthly retainer is only $10.95 per client, with annual programs for LTC holders and non-gun owners available as well.

Get 30 Days FREE!

I encourage every gun owner to give this program some serious thought.