Kendall County First Responder CHL Class


Go Heeled Firearms Training would like to honor Kendall County First Responders by offering a Private Concealed Handgun License Class. 

Saturday, March 21st from 9:00AM-3:00PM.

Class Fee: $30 – I’d like to do it for less but location, food, and range all cost money.

This class will be open to members of the below listed Kendall County emergency services and their immediate families (husbands, wives, sons, and daughters).  Members of St. John Lutheran Church are also welcome.

  • Boerne Police Dept.
  • Boerne Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Kendall County Sheriff’s Office
  • Kendall County EMS
  • Bergheim Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Waring Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Comfort Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Sisterdale Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Kendalia Volunteer Fire Dept.

Class will be limited to the first forty people registered online.

St. John Lutheran Church (map)
315 East Rosewood Ave.
Boerne, TX 78006

The classroom training will cover Basic Firearms Safety, Safe Handling and Storage, Non-Violent Dispute Resolution, Use of Force Laws, Civil Liability (Texas Law Shield), and Texas Concealed Handgun Laws.


hillco caliber logoThe live fire qualification will take place at Caliber Canyon Gun Range.

Caliber Canyon Gun Range (map)
139 Walnut Grove Rd.
Boerne, TX 78006

The range portion consists of fifty shots fired from distances of 3, 7, and 15 yards. Students must be familiar with their pistol and know how to operate it safely.  Accommodations can be made for students needing additional instruction, prior to class day.

Each Student will need the following items on the range:

  • Footwear that covers the entire foot.
  • Low cut shirts are discouraged due to flying brass.
  • Handgun: Revolver or Semi-Auto (minimum .32 caliber)   It no longer matters what type of handgun is used to qualify.
  • Handguns should be in safe working order and be transported unloaded in some type of case or bag.
  • One magazine required for semi-autos
  • Ammunition: Minimum 50 rounds required for testing

No Gun? No Problem! Rental handguns are available for $30 (includes 50+ rounds of ammo).


There are three fees involved with obtaining a Texas CHL

CLASS FEE (paid to instructor): $79 $30

This fee covers the training class, forms, range, targets, safety glasses, hearing protection, classroom location, donuts, coffee, and lunch.

State Licensing Fee (paid to the State within 1 year of taking the class):

For most folks, the State License Fee is $140 for a four year license but some folks qualify for a discount.

  • Those over age 60 pay $70
  • Honorably discharged military veterans and peace officers pay $25
  • Current military or those discharged in the last 12 months are FREE.

Students do not have to apply with the State prior to attending the class but they can if they so choose. Click here to apply for your CHL license through the State.

Fingerprinting Fee (paid to L-1):
The state has contracted with L-1 Identity Solutions to collect all electronic fingerprints. The cost is $10 and there are multiple locations in our area. Click here for electronic fingerprinting info.

Most questions are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page but feel free to contact us anytime.